We are created special YouTube-playlist for our foreign customers and partners

Promotion video for newest serie of Segmented Adjustable Drive HPC V-Belts A.BELTERMOTO. These innovation quick changeable drive belts manufactured by production company A.BELTER™.

Our technology production of segmented adjustable drive v-belts is unique. This is developed by A.BELTER™ engineers and patented.

Using Segment Belts A.BELTERMOTO you’ll need only few minutes to full replace of drive belt or up to 1 minute for restore working of your equipment if the segmented drive belt is already use. There is no need to replace the whole belt. All you need to do is replace one or some of its damaged segments.

Segmented wedge belts the MOTO serie are engineered specifically to replace wedge belts SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC and other. A.BELTERMOTO belts are perfectly suited for multi-belt drives.

A.BELTERMOTO drive wedge belts made of multiple alternating layers of polyurethane elastomers and reinforcing fibers. They are engineered to combine performance of ordinary rubber belts with additional cost saving benefits: fast & easy installation, longer life by harsh environments, simple storage inventory management.

High performance composite adjustable belts A.BELTERMOTO show stable efficiency and long life by range ambient temperatures -60°C…+120°C and into various aggressive surroundings such oil, gasoline, abrasives, acids, etc.

Segmented ajustable belts A.BELTERMOTO are designed to maintain belt’s optimal tension during all time operation. MOTO v-belts gently interact with all drive components extending their lifespan. Apply of our segmented ajustable drive belts you can expect reduced labor cost and increased of your equipment efficiency. By practice, machinery equipped with our segmented drive belts quieter and less vibrations.

A.BELTER™ can produce segmented drive belts having special parameters and characteristics will be ideal for use exactly to drives of your equipment. Wу are waiting for your orders. For more information contact us by e-mail info@a-belter.com or cell phone via any messengers.