Wonderful art style the mudguard of gigantic proportions for a truck #mudflap #splashguard #splasher

We are represent the newlest product made for one of our customers. It is the quintessence of a number different complex technologies. As a result, you see this wonderful mudguard of realy gigantic proportions for a truck transporting sea containers. The mudguard dimensions are 2,400 x 360 mm, thickness 3 mm. It is made of polyurethane elastomers by strict accordance with the technical specifications and design provided by the customer. It’s one of key marketing advantages the A.BELTER company: our team is oriented to each customer’s satisfaction and ready to search optimal technological solutions even for the most non-standard and unique orders. We are always focused to manufacturing products in accordance with the wishes of our customers in pilot, medium and large-scale series.

Pleasant note the owner of trucking company, using such mudguards on own trucks, all at once solves two tasks: he popularizes its brand and actually taking care of other road users! But the autumn rainy season come soon and winter slush will come… We are sure many drivers on roads will say o peoples working at this company: «Thank you so much!«, and sincerely wish a good luck to truck drivers, equiped of these wonderful mudguard aprons!

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